JDM Model Types & Attribute Summary

Body Types & Colours:
The JDM type includes 5 different car model types. Each car model type has an OEM or modified variant, with 5 body colours within each variant.

Wheels include OEM wheels (1 colour only) and aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket wheels have 3 variants, with 4 colours within each variant (black, bronze, white, silver).

5 different decals are available, including FTX, Solana, Cope, Samo and SMB.

5 different backgrounds are available, capturing the landscape of Fortuna City.

Each of the above attributes have been randomly generated in the mintable collection.
Move the arrows below to change between OEM and Modified views.

Poruwaka Godtrilla TTR

L1 Tier / JDM Type

OEM Modified
OEM Modified
Bermuda Blue Moon

L2 Tier / JDM Type

Nijay Zee

L2 Tier / JDM Type

OEM Modified
OEM Modified
Boonta Reliabler

L3 Tier / JDM Type

Darwin Theory

L4 Tier / JDM Type

OEM Modified